Sylvain Meyer

Born April 7th, 1980, Sylvain Meyer grew up in Eclépens in the canton of Vaud. With a name like his, he was predestined to love nature, the forest and fresh air! Through patience and experimentation, he became a land-artist. This contemporary art form consists of creating artworks, usually outdoors, using only materials found in place. These creations, which are subject to the whims of weather and erosion, can only be perpetuated by photography.

Through photography, Sylvain began to create land-art. Passionate about technology, he purchased a digital camera and started wandering the countryside to capture landscapes, then began to gather stones, pieces of wood and leaves and create artworks both beautiful and transitory.

His patience, perseverance and keenly honed vision allow him we can create something according to your needs or using your ideas to create remarkable, unusual works. His training as a technical draftsman helps him set his projects on paper and create two-dimensional forms before bringing them to life in the field.

Through his artistic experiences, Sylvain has become a specialist in anaphormosis or « how to cheat the eye so it believes it’s seeing something magnificent».

Jan Reymond

Born July 9, 1979, Jan Reymond grew up in Romainmôtier.

Surrounded and lulled by the sounds of his father’s cabinetry shop, Jan soon discovered his creativity and his passion for working with different materials such as wood, stone, paper and metal. He loves nature and animals, is interested in science and almost became a veterinary surgeon. But his inherited talent, craftsmanship and creativity became too strong to resist and Jan returned to his father’s workshop.

Jan has been a cabinetmaker and carpenter in Romainmôtier since 2005 and his creations never go unnoticed. To mention only one, everyone recalls the reconstruction, using books, of a corner of Romainmôtier’s Romanesque cloister for the 1100th anniversary of Cluny, in 2010.

The meet

A future pairing of two enigmatic and atypical craftsmen/artists could not merely have begun at a mutual friend’s exhibition or during a shared evening meal. This encounter needed to be as unusual as the originality of the two parties involved, and this is exactly what happened in 2010: Sylvain and Jan met for the first time on a plane! Jan, the creator of several original works and founder of the Scènes du Chapiteau, a cultural event in Romainmôtier, is also a registered pilot. He had invited two friends to go flying with him, but one of them, also a friend of Sylvain’s, was unable to go and offered his place to the land-artist instead. So the two were able to discuss their shared passion for the arts, discovered how much they had in common and decided to combine their artistic talents, to now offer you ReymondMeyer.

One of their greatest strengths is their complementarity.

Jan has innate skills for working with raw materials, easily preparing, cutting and assembling them and resolving difficult logistical problems. Sylvain’s patience, precision and skill for anamorphosis are essential to the stability of this pair who enjoy taking risks and going off the beaten track. Both are also demanding perfectionists with unlimited imaginations.

The works of the duo

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